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I was active, a size 12 and enjoyed exercising. After one weekend with KT, I’m a size 6, LOVE running and eat so healthy!


I was one of the lucky few that attended KT’s very first Transformation weekend back when she was trialing the format. What a lucky girl I was to get such a life changing experience for nothing! I spent four days with KT and learnt so much about how to exercise properly and eat healthy. Although the weekend was challenging (and I know she’s made some changes here), I thoroughly enjoyed getting away from everything to finally concentrate on me and my weight loss goals. Everything from the exercise classes, countryside walks, beach yoga and stretch classes, to the motivational talks and nutritional seminars were excellent, but the most valuable part of all was the way KT had organised the course so we each had 1-2-1 time. This took the weekend transformation to a whole new level and really tailored our programmes to our individual needs.


The two most valuable sessions for me were the 1-2-1 food diary analysis and the nutritional workshops. I was absolutely amazed by what I didn’t know. I’d always tried to be healthy, but didn’t realise the massive effect sugar was having on my body. Without getting too scientific, KT explained about food labeling, fat-free versus sugar free, the effects of sugar and the insulin response and much more. By the time I was home I’d mentally binned fizzy drinks, fat free products, sweets, biscuits, cakes and all the other forms of sugary snacks that had crept into my diet. I also changed my exercise programme and realised I didn’t need an expensive gym to exercise. I now run a lot, but fit it into my life. I like to run to and from work, so it doesn’t interfere with the time I spend with the children or any social life I can manage in the evenings. The healthy eating has kept my weight down and the running gives me time all to myself to clear my head at the start and end of the day.


For a free three days away, KT’s transformation weekend turned out to be priceless.

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