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I've always been a bit of a yoyo with my weight - never overweight, just a bit up and down but never really fit. Well I am now! 6 months on from meeting KT and I’ve completed a 12-mile Hellrunner challenge and I’m amazed!


I attended KT’s One Day to a New You just by chance really and wasn’t really looking to get that much from it as I thought I was pretty savvy and knew everything I needed to know when it came to eating healthily, food labels, gimmicks, etc. However, I was amazed by just how fired up I became after the day. KT and the way she runs the course was such an inspiration that I came away from the day sold on fitness, healthy eating and becoming all I could possibly be! I started googling exercise programmes, took up running and emailed KT with question after question about what to eat and how to train. I was sold.


My inspiration didn’t stop there though. KT being KT kept in touch and whet my appetite further by inviting me along to some events she was organising for her clients. No pressure, just a bit of fun and a little reminder that keeping fit and eating healthy isn’t always about losing weight. It’s about challenging myself as well and achieving something I’d always thought was for that ‘fit crowd’. I signed up for two events: An Adventure Race and Hellrunner, and I haven’t looked back since!


After one day with KT I have not only dropped weight, but I have found a hobby I love! I’ve gone from never running to doing about 30km a week and absolutely loving it! I completed the Hellrunner in a little over 3 hours, but don’t even think about the time! I ran 12 miles through 3 stinking bogs, across a lake and crossed the finish line with some 3000 other people - all wearing my power to be t-shirt and a beaming proud smile. I don't believe anymore with 'being on a diet' or following a strict plan - my current way of life is exactly that: a way of life! I think I’ll remain in contact with KT for life as that’s just how she sucks you in. I’d happily attend another one day, weekend or the many challenges she organises as it’s just fantastic to be with someone who helps you be the very best you can be. It’s a great feeling.

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