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I was 55, a size 16 - bigger than I’d ever been - and terribly unhappy. KT has helped changed my life. I’m now a size 12, confident, fitter than ever and above all, love shopping again!


I’d always been a healthy size 10 and regularly attended exercise classes. I loved shopping and had bags of self-confidence. After 40 I gradually started to gain weight until I was a size 16/18 and terribly unhappy.  The Doctor confirmed I had an underactive thyroid, which was contributing to my weight gain despite me remaining active and eating a healthy diet – or that’s what I thought!


In short, I’d become a little lazy, my diet wasn’t as good as I thought and I was blaming the underactive thyroid for my weight gain even though I was on medication. I started to train with KT twice a week and I attended her Transformational Weekend back in October 2011. KT was incredibly patient, caring, but more than anything honest! She helped me take responsibility for my weight gain and most valuable of all, taught me what healthy eating really looked like. By keeping a food diary and spending time with KT picking over every detail I soon realised I was eating a lot of sugar and it was this, more than the underactive thyroid that was making me pile on the pounds!


I continued to train with KT twice a week after the Transformation Weekend and amended my eating habits considerably. I decreased the portion sizes, cut out the sugary snacks (that I didn’t realise I was eating), learnt to snack on healthy alternatives and paid more attention to what I was eating not how much I was eating. I’ve lost the weight, but above all, have become fitter than ever and I absolutely love the new lease on life it’s given me. 

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