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Transformation Weekends

KERRY attended our Total Transformation Weekend and is not only a size 8 now, but she’s been a size 8 for over 18 months. That’s a result that lasts! Read her story here.

ALISON attended our Total Transformation Weekend as a size 16 and 2 years later is a healthy and consistent size 10, with no sign of piling the pounds back on. Read her story here.


A weekend now for a lifetime with a body you love forever

One Weekend Just For You. Take three tiny days for yourself and return home a new person. Be inspired, invigorated and re-motivated to take control of your life and gain the body you want and love. One weekend will result in you feeling strong, determined, motivated and ready to succeed in achieving your health and wellbeing goals. One Weekend now for a lifetime with the body you love.

My three-day Total Transformation Weekend is residential and combines the best from my One Day to a New You sessions plus much much more. Joined by a group of like-minded people, you will be submerged in an environment that allows you to completely focus on your goals and plan to succeed in achieving them. The weekend combines fun-filled exercise sessions, nutritional seminars, relaxation, motivation and goal setting sessions, plus individual 1-2-1 sessions to ensure you get a programme of success tailored just for you.    

If you are serious about losing weight, getting fit and living in a body you love then join us now. 



Upcoming 2013 Transformation Weekends


They're coming... don't miss out!

To ensure we're not cooped up inside for three days, we like to wait until the weather is a little more reasonable so you can enjoy the great outdoors! With that in mind we're planning some awesome transformation weekends from April through to September in 2013. Our venues are in amazing and stunning rural locations, so we like to take advantage of the outdoors and use it to show you exercise isn't always about 'grapevines' and push ups! You can be active and burn calories whilst having fun - whether this is a superb hike along the Welsh coast, Yoga on the beach, mountain biking through a stunning forest or trying your hand at a gentle kayak. It all counts to shedding pounds and getting fit!


Due to the nature of these weekends and the results people get, they tend to book up fast, so register your interest here and be the first to know when we reveal the Transformation Weekend dates. 


In the meantime, check out some of the success stories from previous attendees


Reinvent yourself from as little as £350! Book Now


Power To Be Transformation Weekend


Each one of my Total Transformation Weekends are held in some of the most beautiful spots across Britain including the stunning Wales coastline and the Cheshire countryside; immersing yourself in gorgeous landscapes from mountain to ocean and giving rise to a variety of outdoor activities to spark your senses, revitalise your body and soothe your mind. What a perfect setting to focus on your weight loss and fitness!

Comfortable accommodation, inspirational and educational workshops, expert tuition and healthy delicious low glycemic meals, combined with exciting classes, energising circuits and outdoor activities, complete each weekend to provide you with the most fun-filled physically and mentally rewarding health, fitness and weight loss experience.


My Transformation Weekends set you up for lifelong success with a body you love. Combining mind, body and food into a three day programme that sets you up for success now, and for the rest of your life. My Transformation Weekend is just the start of you obtaining your goals and getting the body and health you love.


A Typical Transformation Weekend

Friday: Arrive at 1pm and straight into activities. A great mix of boxing, hiking, circuits & Yoga plus informative and interactive nutritional and goal setting workshops. Dinner is served at around 7pm followed by free time to relax

Saturday: A full 7am - 7pm day filled with activites. There's more exercise sessions, great walks and Yoga, plus extended nutrition seminars and workshops and a further exploration of goals. Today also includes some great 1-2-1 sessions to make sure you leave with an individualised programme. Dinner is again served at 7pm and then free to relax in your cottages.

Sunday: 7am - 1pm session filled with last chance exercise sessions and further 1-2-1's to make sure you are completely on track with your new lifestyle and ready to continue with your hard work when returning home. This is just the start of your total transformation.




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