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One Day to a New You

ANTONY attended our One Day to a New You and lost 49lbs in three months and ran his first 1/2 Marathon within six months. Read his story here

CAROLE attended our One Day to a New You and went from a size 16 to a size 10 in nine months and still looks great. Read her story here

ELOISE attended our One Day to a New You and went from a size 10 to a size 6 and is now running 30-40km a week. Read her story here.


Take one day out of your busy life to focus on YOU and YOUR goals.

Combine great surroundings with like-minded people and the best exercise and nutrition sessions available, and you'll leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, motivated and ready to succeed with your health and fitness goals. One day now for a lifetime of health and happiness with the body you love!

You’ll not only spend the day enjoying fun-filled and results driven exercise sessions, but you’ll also learn about healthy nutrition, setting goals, and staying motivated to reach your ideal weight and fitness. In one day I will give you everything you need to succeed. So the question is, are you like Antony and are you ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN? 

Workshops are currently being scheduled across Cheshire, Merseyside, Manchester and North Wales. So what are you waiting for?  Find a date that suits you and BOOK NOW to take a step closer to the body you want.


2013 Upcoming Workshops

Feb 10th @ The Success Factory, Burwardsley, Chester

March 16th @ The Success Factory, Burwardsley, Chester

April 20th @ The Success Factory, Burwardsley, Chester

May 11th @ The Success Factory, Burwardsley, Chester

June 16th @ The Success Factory, Burwardsley, Chester

July 13th @ The Success Factory, Burwardsley, Chester


Change your life for as little as £59! Book Now 


One Day to a New You


One single day can have a dramatic effect on the way you live your life. You might have tried gyms and diets before, but this is neither, which is why we've had such great success stories. Throw those diet books out once and for all and join my team and me and let us show you how to really succeed in losing weight and improving your fitness for life. Check out our latest dates and book now


One Day to a New You

My first, flagship and most tried and tested formula to creating long-lasting change in your body and lifestyle. Providing you with the basics in results driven exercise and healthy nutrition, you’ll be able to implement little changes in exchange for big success in transforming your body shape, overall fitness and getting that feeling of being in better health.


An Overview of a New You Day

0900: Welcome and introductions

0930: Exploring your support network and barriers

1030: Exercise technique - mastering the basics

1130: Break

1200: Your body as your Gym - 1st great workout

1300: Lunch

1400: The basics of good nutrition made easy

1500: Break

1530: Becoming an expert at warming up and stretching

1600: Grab a buddy to exercise - 2nd great workout

1700: Leaving with a plan to succeed

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