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I'm here to provide you with the tips, tools, motivation and support you need to get the body you want, deserve and love.

It’s that simple.


Maybe you're a lifelong gym member who has been exercising for a while, but never really seen the results. Or perhaps you're the Yo-Yo dieter - forever on a diet to find you pile all the weight and more back on again afterwards. Either way you're frustrated and want to gain control of your weight and health once and for all. My programmes are designed to achieve just that. Whether it's one-on-one Personal training, a one day programme or a full weekend transformation you desire, my programmes will help you gain the power to take immediate control of your weight and overall health delivering results that last forever. It's just a case of choosing the programme that suits you. So what are you waiting for?




One Day to a Complete New You from only £59!        

One Day now for a lifetime of loving your body. This is a 9 to 5 as you’ve never spent it before – 100% focused on achieving your weight loss and health goals. There’s the option to attend any of my four modules in the one-day series, all of which provide you with tiny changes to implement into your life for big successes. Join like-minded people and learn how to transform your body shape and get results that last. Antony lost 49lbs in three months following my One Day to a New You. Are you going to be our next success story? Click here and I'll show you how


Total Transformation Weekends from as little as £350!

My three-day weekend to total transformation is residential and combines the best from my one-day series and much more. This intense environment completely submerges you in creating a whole new lifestyle and sets you up to transform your mind and body immediately and for the rest of your life. You'll learn how to enjoy exercising, how to eat properly and how to make sure your weight loss lasts. Kerry went from a size 12 to a size 6 after spending the weekend with us and 18 months later... the weight has stayed off. Are you going to be just like Kerry? Click here and I'll show you how


Corporate Wellness

Teams that exercise together with a common goal often transfer their collaborative approach into the work place. Fit and healthy employees are often happier through improved self-esteem, they rise to challenges better, have more willpower and understand about working hard for success. Bring me to your workplace to transform the health of your employees. Click here and I'll show you how


Personal Training with KT

If you live in and around the Chester area you can train with me on a one-to-one basis and gain the ongoing and intense support you need to really change your body shape. Many of my clients have attended the one-day series and weekend transformation programmes and then continued to support their new lifestyle with one-to-one training. Victoria went from a size 24 to a size 14 in 12 months. She even ran her first 10km last month. Do you want to be just like Victoria? Click here and I'll show you how

3 reasons my programmes will work FOR YOU!

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KT Chaloner Exercise Programmes

1. My experience/expertise

I've been in the industry for over 15 years and worked with some of the best from around the world. I've learnt what works and what doesn't. I've now combined everything I know about exercise, nutrition and the right frame of mind to bring you programmes that work.

2. No gym required

All my programmes focus on you as your own gym. Exercising using your body weight supplemented with a few cheap and effective pieces of equipment mean you can work out wherever you are.  You won't need a gym membership to achieve success.

3. It’s personalised

All of my programmes focus on you as an individual with individual goals, fitness levels and capabilities. Everything we do starts at your personal level and progresses along your own continuum for long lasting results. 


Want to know who KT is and what Power To Be is all about?


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Total Body Transformation Programmes by KT Chaloner at Power To Be

KT Chaloner has been working with the health and fitness industry's finest for more than 15 years. Her experience and credibility results in Power To Be – a series of programmes to get you fit, aid weight loss, teach you about eating healthily and get you the body you’ll love with results that last forever. Using proven approaches in the field of health and fitness and the expertise of some of the industry's experts, KT’s programmes will provide you with the solutions you’re looking for and the support you need to finally achieve your weight loss and fitness goal.

Who better to embark on your life-changing transformation with than KT Chaloner at Power To Be