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I originally came to KT after an operation led to me being inactive for a year. I wanted to lose 2 stone and get ready for a windsurfing holiday. KT has really pushed me and made me stronger and fitter than I ever was or thought I could be. The weight has dropped off as a bi-product of my hard work, but I'm no longer concerned. I feel strong, lean and my clothes are getting smaller and smaller. I could throw the scales away now for the little amount of time I spend on them. I look and feel great!  Carole Oldham, 42

Just 12 weeks with KT has changed me for the better! 2 sessions a week with her plus support with my diet has helped me to drop a dress size and 14 lbs! I am now a size 10 which I haven't been for a long time! Katie is an excellent motivator and has encouraged me to continue the hard work because it is so worth it! Philipa Stubbs, 23 

I have been working with KT for a few months and plan to continue. She tailors every workout to my personal needs and mixes them up so that each one is different. I started to see results within a month and they are getting better and better. Not only does KT train me in the hour I spend with her, but she gives me a range of exercises that I can do easily at the gym or at home. For a 'cardio person' she has really introduced me to weight training and I love it! Gus Tomlinson, 24

I started personal training to get fitter and lose a little weight - before long I was encouraged to enter my first ever triathlon!!  A very daunting thought for me.  Without asking, KT carried out specific triathlon training research and created a training plan very specific to my needs.  I completed the triathlon (Olympic distance) in 2 hours 45 mins and I simply could not have done it without KT's knowledge, help and encouragement.  I also know that other personal trainers frequently ask KT for help with their clients and look to KT for advice on all things PT. Steve Harris, 38

KT has worked very hard with me. I had a triple fracture to my left leg, which I could not bend or stretch out flat well, and it had hardly any strength. Now with KT's help, patience and hard work I can bend and straighten it, which allows me to use the gym to its full capacity. One of KT's major sensitivities is her understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of her clients. She is the best PT I have ever had. Thank you KT. Sue Oulton, 67

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