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The 15min Fat Fighter

If you want that hot body, ditch the cardio machines!

In these fast-paced times, the urban city based fox (that's you ladies!) needs to tackle and out-manoeuvre a whole host of tasks to get that 'hot in the city’ look. With New Year out of the way our attention turns to ridding our body of over-indulged chocolate, alcohol and good time Christmas pud! The shops have already flogged their winter woolies and are sneaking those floaty-floral-belly-revealing vests onto the rails as we speak. That can only mean one thing - although it's blumming freezing outside - spring is not that far away and you're already dreaming of beaches on far away lands. Only this time, you're going to get one up on yourself and not wait until June before you start working on your bikini body. This year, you're going to start now! You're going to take 15mins a day to sweat away the Christmas and NY indulgences from under your hefty parker ready for the big reveal when your bikini bursts from the wardrobe screaming "wear me wear me!"


Ladies (and Gents), it’s time to really make your workouts work out for you! You've seen it trending on Twitter, the celebs are hooked and the t-shirts are springing up everywhere from Los Angeles to Liverpool: "Strong is the new skinny". So, get off that x-trainer and stop spending endless hours a week doing cardio. The media would love you to believe that spending time in this fat-burning zone will change your body shape, but it won’t. If it was going to work, don't you think you would have noticed the results by now? Resistance or strength training is the way forward, but better still is resistance-based interval training. Its time to melt some serious fat from your body, because whilst skinny girls might look thin naked, strong girls look fit naked.


These five exercises are designed to be progressive, so whilst you might start with one round of 10 reps each, you'll progress towards 3-5 rounds and feel fitter, stronger and healthier. Forget Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games, at the end of this you'll be sprinting the Mersey Tunnel with your own war cry of

Don’t you wish your girlfriend could squat like me!


So, grab some girlfriends and head to the gym, the garden or your local park. There is a no-weights option for those of you who don't have access but regardless, this programme is to help you stop focusing on your body-weight going down on the scales and get focused on the weight of your dumbbell going up! Now I know I've been a little 'women-biased' fellas, but this programme can work for you too. 


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KT Chaloner was recently short listed in the top 10 for Personal Trainer of the Year and owner of Power To Be - a business aiming to help people get healthy and stay healthy through a series of programmes. Having been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years working for the likes of Fitness Professionals and Les Mills International in Europe, the USA and New Zealand. KT is now based in the North-West of England to help people transform their lives to be fitter, healthier and happier.



Five Fat Fighters

Perform 10 repetitions of each exercise back-to-back as fast as you can and record your time. Take a short rest (60-90secs), to get your breath back and then repeat. Build up to five rounds and a whopping 250 reps. Try three times a week recording your time each session to measure improvements in your fitness. 


1. Squat and Press

Sit back into your squat making sure your knees don't roll over your toes. Drive through the heels to standing and press arms to the air. Repeat 10 times. Options: lose the weights and shoulder press to make easier. If you don't have weights, but want to keep the intensity try jumping squats.

     Squat and Press


2. Burpees

Start in the plank position with a strong middle. Jump feet to hands and then stand up. To intensify add a jump on the end. Options: step your feet in and out instead of jumping to make a little easier

 Burpee Burpee


3. Press ups

Start with a straight line from head to heels keeping your core (the middle) nice and tight. Hands just wider than shoulders and lower your chest and core to the floor keeping that straight line. Options: place your knees on the floor to make easier, but keep that straight line

Press Ups Press Up


4. Walking lunges

Take a large step forward and bend both legs into a 90degree angle driving your back knee towards the floor. Swing your back leg through and lift the knee keeping your core tight throughout. Swing the leg back to the lunge. Repeat for 10 each leg. Options: lose the dumbbells or knee raise to make easier. Progress to jumping to make more challenging

Lunge  Lunge


5. Plank twists

On hands and feet in a nice straight line from head to heel. Keeping your core (tummy) tight twist onto one arm and stack the feet. Hold for 2 seconds and rotate back to plank. Repeat on the other side until you've completed 10 reps on each side. Options: perform on your knees to make it easier

Plank  Plank


Rest for between 1-2 minutes as required and repeat

Try not to rest between exercises. The idea is for your heart rate to stay elevated in a metabolic melting pot! 





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