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One Day to a New You @ The Success Factory

Take one day out of your busy life to focus on YOU and YOUR goals. It's time to finally GET RESULTS


One Day to a New You at The Success Factory is nothing short of an inspiring day. The venue itself is set in the Cheshire Countryside with views right over the Cheshire plain and offers plenty of fresh air and absolutely NO distractions. This is the perfect setting to get to grips with your health and weight loss goals and finally take a step closer to achieving them. 



The Success Factory, Burwardsley, Chester, CH3 9NU

The Success Factory


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Getting There and Parking

If you're not driving, then Mouldsworth Train Station is approximatly 8miles away. If you are driving then parking is available on site. 


Power To Be


Power To Be



Changing your life for only £59.

Welcome to your new body




General Overview of the day (can vary slightly)

0900: Welcome and Introductions

0930: Exploring your support network and barriers

1030: Exercise Technique - mastering the basics

1130: Break

1200: Your Body as Your Gym - 1st great workout

1300: Lunch

1400: The basics of good nutrition made easy

1500: Break

1530: Becomming an expert at warming up and stretching

1600: Grabbing a buddy to exercise - 2nd great workout

1700: Leaving with a plan to succeed



Arrival and Departure

Please arrive anytime after 8.30am so we can start at 9am and get through the day without any delays. We aim to finish by 5/5.30pm depending on how many questions there are.



The facilities at The Success Factory make it a perfect venue to start your transformation. On the inside there are a number of rooms we use to deliver both the practical and interactive workshops. There are also two areas assigned to eat or simply relax on one of the comfy bean bags. Outside has a superb patio for eating lunch and on particularly nice days, we may even get to workout outdoors. If you fancy a wander during lunch, there are masses of fields, a small wood and a few country lanes that can be explored, but don't get lost! 


Showers: There are two showers on site if you wish to shower after working out. However, there is no pressure to get spruced up! Please bring towels and toiletries if you wish to shower and be mindful of other participants when it comes to time.


Kitchen: There is a kitchen on site so you can top up your water bottles. If you have special eating requirements and wish to bring food/drink with you, we can store these in the fridge. Lunch and snacks are provided though.


What to Bring

You're confirmation will outline everything you need, but in short you'll need:

  • Workout clothing for the practical sessions
  • Comfortable clothing or clothing you can throw over your workout clothes for the workshops
  • A water bottle
  • Any medication required like epi pen, inhalers etc
  • Towel and toiletries if you wish to shower after sessions
  • A pen and some paper to make notes


Lunch and Snacks

Lunch and snacks will be provided. As if you hadn't guessed, these will be of the healthy variety. They'll also be plenty of water available throughout the day, so in theory you shouldn't need to bring anything. However, if you wish to bring anything it can be stored in the fridges. Bags are searched for secret chocolate stashes on the way in (only joking!)


Keeping in Touch

Why not get to know the some like-minded people who are also attending the One Day to a New You. Head over to our Facebook page and click LIKE. Then let everyone else know you're heading to our day and see who else is coming! It's good to talk. 


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